Purrfection in Every Comb

Selfe-Combed Grooming Solution

Claire Flynn

I've had mine set up for a couple days and the cats are loving it! Iver 100 drops logged in and every time they here one drop they go running was able to move it down to the smallest size quickly and am already gathering a good bit of hair. The quality inspection manager helped during set up while my oldest taught him how to attempt to get the treats the easy way.

Heather White

As soon as it was put together - all 3 cats piled in. Even without having any treats in it yet. Can’t wait to see them once they realize treats are involved lol

Eddie Diaz

My 6 cats enjoy the heck out of this thing. I'm actually super curious about people having break in problems with the snack part... None of my cats have taken to the behavior of breaking into it, or even trying to. They've seen me load the container multiple times so it's not like they don't know they're there... They sure do love scratching the side of the box though.

Jeanne Fiorante

Hi I got my paw swing today put it together about 4 snaps on each side fell off. it was easy to put together just followed the color coded stickers. it was hard to snap it together. I have 10 cats 6 are rescued kittens 3 main coons. 1 cat died she was 16 years old. All the cats love it they go in sleep and play and eat it I have to open the top and drop im cat treats manually. My question is how does the feeder work I tried the QR codes that are on in the instructions but it comes up to a dead page says 404 error on QR code. Thanks in advance

Lizz Ard Davis

Set up our PawSwing last night and Smokey has already figured out that it’s a treat dispenser, she waited inside for 20 minutes before she got bored. Set up was so easy, the instructions are very clear. Looking forward to shrinking the ring over the next few weeks to get this thing into grooming action.

Tiffiny Drewes

I got it together myself, Bill helped of course, and after some reflection and contemplating he went for it. I started it on day 2 combs. I think he likes it! Just need Hank to climb in now.

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Can my cat use it if it's very large/small?

My cat is quite timid. Can it use this combing device smoothly?

What can I do with the collected cat hair?