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European Union
   The first batch 6-505 Receipt
   The second batch 544-1808 Stock preparation
United Kingdom
   The first batch 9-1739 Receipt
   The second batch 1777 Stock preparation
   The first batch 103-1756 Receipt
   The second batch 1817 Stock preparation
New Zealand 649 Receipt
   The first batch 1-563 Receipt
   The second batch 564-1462 on the way
   The third batch 1463-1825 Stock preparation
   The first batch 10-1764 Receipt
   The second batch 1790+1805 Stock preparation
South America
Chile 1345 on the way
Mexico 545 Stock preparation
Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan
Japan 1215,1558 Receipt
Korea 776,1704,1714 Stock preparation
Malaysia 584 Receipt
Indonesia 1787 Receipt
Singapore 111,402,416,1052 Stock preparation
Hong Kong, China 189,398,448,751 Stock preparation
Taiwan, China 442,634,1585 Receipt
Middle East
Saudi Arabia 513,616 Stock preparation
United Arab Emirates 607,838,1769 Stock preparation
Central Asia
Uzbekistan 615 on the way
Northern Europe
Iceland 1811 Stock preparation
Switzerland 292-1661 on the way